The Cedar Hill Action Team (CHAT) is an initiative formed by service-hearted citizens of Cedar Hill, Texas and its surrounding communities. Cedar Hill Action Team (C.H.A.T) is committed to determining and providing for the needs of the citizens of Cedar Hill by partnering with the city, police department, school district, local, state, and national service organizations to help strengthen families, and impact young lives by fostering growth, creating leaders, and empowering lives.



Donations from organizations and individuals support our scholarship programs that will make a college education possible. Donate today to our funding scholarships and provide educational opportunities for students who are college ready. You can make a one-time contribution or schedule routine contributions (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.) through our website (donation tab)– and we are deeply appreciative of each and every gift.




CHAT depends on volunteers to assist us with our youth programs and events. We need volunteers like YOU to make our organization successful.


Your partnership with CHAT can offer a slew of attractive benefits. From improving outreach efforts to enhancing programs and services, there are many ways that an alliance can be beneficial to your organization and help CHAT meet the strategic goals in our community.